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Chattanooga DUI & DWI Attorneys

DUI & DWI Charges

DUI charges in Tennessee carry harsh penalties including:

  • loss or suspension of driver's license
  • fines
  • incarceration (prison or jail time)
  • community service
  • DUI school or alcohol assessment and treatment
  • probation
  • restitution
  • vehicle forfeiture
  • and many other extra judicial consequences such as social stigma or loss of job

Successful DUI & DWI Defense

You are innocent until proven guilty.  You deserve respect as a client, and your attorney should thoughtfully review and discuss any possible defense with you.  Further, the decision to plead or go to trial is a decision only you can make.  O'Shaughnessy & Carter, PLLC offers free consultations to evaluate the facts of your case and assist you in choosing the best course of action.

Although DUI charges are prosecuted as criminal charges, successful DUI defense requires a specific set of skills and experience. A DUI charge can happen to almost anyone, but the negative consequences such as social stigma, loss of job, or family difficulties dictate that DUI cases cannot be handled the same as any other criminal case.

Successful DUI defense includes an investigation into the facts of your arrest, the sobriety tests used, your rights, the law, and legal procedure.

Not all DUI cases can be won, but every case should be properly evaluated to ensure the greatest possibility of success.  Call us today to discuss possible defenses for your case.