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Chattanooga Criminal Defense & Trial Attorneys
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Chattanooga Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our firm is dedicated to defending the rights of the accused. We believe all clients, regardless of the crimes alleged, are entitled to respect and diligence from their attorney. For this reason, we maintain active communication with our clients, providing them with constant updates as progress is made in their case.O'Shaughnessy & Carter, PLLC will handle your case professionally and in a manner you should expect when so much is at stake.

We have assisted clients charged with a variety of crimes, from simple possession to first-degree murder.  Whether your case requires the defense of misdemeanor or felony charges, in state or federal court, O'Shaughnessy & Carter, PLLC has the experience and resources necessary for your case.

We Do Not

  • Encourage settlement of cases that should go to trial
  • Waive necessary hearings

We Do

  • File formal Motions for Discovery
  • Provide clients with copies of all pleadings
  • Investigate and pursue suppression issues
  • Inform our clients of progress in their case
  • Visit incarcerated clients to prepare for trial
  • Fight for our clients at every stage of prosecution

"I am innocent. Do I need a lawyer?"

Criminal judicial proceedings can be complicated, counter-intuitive, and intimidating. An experienced attorney has been to court hundreds or thousands of times and knows what to expect. Even the simplest of cases can have drastically different outcomes depending on what information is expressed in court. Choose an attorney who you can trust to express to the court the information that is needed for the best possible outcome in your case.

"I want to plead/settle my case.  Why does trial experience matter?"

Some attorneys are comfortable at trial.  Other attorneys prefer to plea all their cases.  An attorney without trial experience, however, cannot effectively negotiate the best plea or settlement in your case.  This is because the ability and willingness to go to trial are necessary tools in settlement negotiation.