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Federal Defense and Trials
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Although some criminal defense attorneys practice in both state and federal court, the two systems are entirely different.  Federal sentences suggested in the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines are routinely followed by district court judges.  Sentences are calculated, not negotiated as in most state courts.  Further, the rules of procedure will differ in federal court and state court, often creating a perceived injustice for individuals who have a familiarity with state courts but no experience within the federal system.

The federal criminal justice system demands experience and a specialized skill set.  Both Mr. Carter and Mr. O’Shaughnessy have defended a variety of federal cases, from immigration to counterfeiting charges, felon in possession of a firearm to drug conspiracy cases.

Federal cases move very quickly and require immediate attention.  From the initial contact with federal authorities conducting preliminary investigation, to sentencing and appeal, O’Shaughnessy & Carter, PLLC will aggressively fight for your rights at every stage of prosecution.